Google Analytics Real-Time Alerts


If you need to know about every conversion as soon as possible or just trying to fix unexpected things fast. Google Analytics real-time alerts will be a handy tool for you.

When Google Analytics collects data from your website (or app), it does not appear immediately in your standard Google Analytics report. First, Google formats it, aggregates, and only then stores it for you to view. This process takes time, so to solve this Real-Time data alerts can catch traffic changes fast, even before they're accessible for standard reports/alerts.

Google Analytics Real-Time alerts examples

If you're using Goals in Google Analytics for your conversion events like user sign up or product sale, you can track those on a Real-Time basis too. Every time a conversion happens (like selling premium plan for your SaaS), you can craft a custom hand-made thank you / follow-up email to your customer or otherwise just enjoy the achievement of Goal.

Another great example could be staying aware of the traffic spikes. Sometimes you can get unexpected links/shares from social media or other popular websites. This event can lead into some valuable traffic flowing into your page/business without you even realizing it. By setting up StatsGlitch real-time alert, you can be sure that you won't miss that traffic spike and will be able to use it at your advantage.

How to setup a Real-Time alert

  1. Go to Alert Agents Dashboard
  2. Click "New Alert Agent" and select "Realtime"
  3. Choose a preset, or input data manually
  4. Select Google Analytics view to track
  5. Enter the alert name
  6. You can change which metric you want to monitor and filter out it by the specific dimensions. For example:
    • Count only specific country pageviews
    • Filter out desktop traffic
    • Count sessions from the specific referral
  7. Configure integrations, turn on/off Zapier and Slack
  8. Alert can notify you in one of 4 ways:
    • By email
    • With the help of Zapier integration
    • Via Slack
    • By your chosen service directly, via webhook
  9. Click "Save"