Google Analytics Weekly Overview Report


Weekly Overview Report will help you to monitor your most important metrics in a non-intrusive way. Get a summary of your traffic every Monday. Customize and choose the metrics you want to see.

Not everybody likes immediate action-required alerts. With a weekly overview, you can quickly check whenever your KPIs are in good shape, without worrying about them on a day-to-day basis.

How to setup a weekly overview report

  1. Go to Reports Dashboard
  2. Click "Create a New Report"
  3. Enter the report name
  4. Choose Google Analytics view to track
  5. Choose metrics to track:
    • Most common metrics like sessions, pageviews, and users
    • Advanced metrics like goal completion rate, event value, and page load time
  6. Select report weekday and time when you want to receive it
  7. Double check email, where you want to receive it
  8. Click "Save Report"
  9. In the reports dashboard, you can check report example. Also, you can immediately send your report for last week data. Manual sending is capped to 1 sending per 15 min..