Google Analytics Custom Alerts


Custom alerts allow you to configure the exact alert rules and have absolute control of under which conditions you want to receive them.

They're useful when you know your project well, and standard statistically significant alerts only distract you.

Google Analytics metrics and dimensions

All Google Analytics data is a combination of two essential parts: metrics and dimensions. Metric is a real quantitative value/number to measure things. A great example would be sessions, unique users, bounce rate, page load time.

Dimension yet are used to split or group your data. It's like extra attributes assigned to that specific measurement. For example, any page view can also have assigned information of browser version, country of a user, page load time and many other facts.

So by setting up a custom alert, you'll need to choose your metric to track and from 0 to 3 extra filters for your dimensions. Having this flexibility, you can ensure that only critical alerts will reach you out.

How to setup a custom alert

  1. Go to Alert Agents Dashboard
  2. Click "New Alert Agent" and select "Custom"
  3. Choose a preset, or input data manually
  4. Choose Google Analytics view to track
  5. You can change which metric you want to monitor and filter out it by the specific dimensions. For example:
    • Count only specific country pageviews
    • Filter out desktop traffic
    • Count sessions from the specific referral
  6. Configure integrations, turn on/off Zapier and Slack
  7. Alert can notify you in one of 4 ways:
    • By email
    • With the help of Zapier integration
    • Via Slack
    • By your chosen service directly, via webhook
  8. Click "Save"