Google Analytics data handling and Google account security

Why do you need to connect your Google Analytics account?

It is the easiest and safest way to get read-only Google Analytics data from the sites you have access to. We never see your password and gain any other information. You can unlink Google Analytics account at any time, and all the permissions will be revoked. We do not store your actual traffic numbers on our servers.

What data is fetched from Google Analytics?

We collect only data which are chosen by you when creating an alert or report. For example page views, sessions or goal completions - it is up to you.

Do StatsGlitch store Google Analytics data anywhere?

No, we never store your Analytics data (actual numbers) on the server — each time it is fetched from Google servers via read-only access.

Can StatsGlitch modify Google Analytics data?

No, the linking to Google Analytics is read-only, and we never change anything on your behalf.

Can you unlink your Google account?

Yes, you can unlink at any time and we'll delete all associations to your google account.

Can you link more than one Google Account?

Yes, paid accounts can link up to 10 Google Analytics accounts. You can also link and unlink accounts at any time.